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Nondestructive testing: Handbook: In 8 volumes / Еdited by V.V. Klyuev / Volume 1: In 3 books.


Book 1: V.V. Klyuev, V.F. Muzhitskiy, E.S. Gorkunov, V.E. Scherbinin. Magnetic inspection techniques.
Book 2: Yu.K. Fedosenko, V.G. Gerasimov, A.D. Pokrovskiy, Yu.Ya. Ostanin. Eddy-current testing.
Book 3: K.V. Anisovich, H. Berger, N.N. Blinov and others. X-ray testing.

ISBN 978-5-904270-16-2 (vol. 1)
ISBN 978-5-904270-01-8

М.: Publishing house Spektr, 2010. - 1008 p.: fig. Hc, 70x100 1/16, 1420 gr

Цена: 3800 руб (доставка почтой не включена в цену)


First book deals with physical principles of magnetic nondestructive testing; methods and means of magnetic flaw detection and structurescopy; examples of interrelation between magnetic parameters and mechanical characteristics of ferromagnetic metals are presented; application of fatigue phenomenon for technical diagnostics is described; and remaining service life is evaluated. Results of studying changes in magnetic, electric and me-chanical properties of steels during variation of annealing, quenching and tempering temperature are generalized. Possibilities of application of magnetic characteristics for testing of quenching and annealing quality, surface hardening and evaluation of stressed state of steel articles are analyzed. Results of testing studies of strength and plastic properties of steels, as well as instruments of magnetic nondestructive testing are presented.
Second book discloses principles of eddy-current testing. Testing methods passage-type and lay-on transducers, evaluation of quality of ferromagnetic articles, eddy-current flaw detection and structurescopy of non-magnetic objects is discussed. Methods of extraction of message signals, eddy-current instruments and testing means, their metrological support, equipment of domestic and foreign companies (2002, 2003), national and international standards on certification of specialists, training and attestation programs, lists of questions for passing qualification examinations are presented.
Third book discusses development of X-ray testing for the last years and, in particular, progress achieved in development of multi-axial (poly-positional) equipment for diagnostics, micro-focal X-ray equipment, high-stable X-ray installations of constant voltage, X-ray testing for inspection with digital image processing, exposure metering and techniques for detection of X-ray radiation led to expansion of their opportunities.
Specifically one created multiaxis equipment for angiography, X-ray computer microminature tomography systems with micron resolution, scanning tomography systems with one-side access to a test object. X-ray television systems with integration of television frames for enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio in a light image of a subject to be X-rayed. The area of X-ray testing is expended so much and its various branches are so specialized that only author team of specialists from various countries are able to write the handbook.
The authors hope that the handbook will be useful for specialists using radiographic methods and equipment for inspection of industrial production and medical diagnostics as well as for those who are engaged in development and operation of X-ray equipment.



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