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A quick guide to welding and weld inspection. Edited by S.E. Hughes


Terminology, Abbreviations and symbols
 - Joint terminology
 - Weld terminology
 - Drawing rules and symbols

Duties of a welding inspector
 - Duties of a welding inspector before, during and after welding

Analysis of a fusion weld
 - Joint preparation by mechanical or thermal cutting processes
 - The four factors which make a good fusion weld
 - Residual stress and distortion

Materials and weldability
 - Classification of alloy steels
 - Alloying elements
 - Carbon equivalency
 - Material properties including ductility, hardness and toughness
 - Heat treatments

Welding processes
 - Manual metal arc
 - Metal inert gas/metal active gas
 - Flux cored arc
 - Tungsten inert gas
 - Plasma arc
 - Submerged arc

Non-destructive testing and mechanical testing
 - Liquid penetrant testing
 - Magnetic particle testing
 - Radiography
 - Ultrasonic testing
 - Tension testing and results
 - Hardness testing and results
 - Bend testing and results
 - Toughness testing and results
 - Macro tests
 - Micro tests
 - Fillet fracture testing
 - Butt weld fracture testing

Defects and Fracture modes
 - Brittle fracture
 - Fatigue fracture
 - Ductile fracture
 - Welding induced defects

Codes, standards and documentation
 - General welding standards
 - Specific standards
 - Procedure qualification documentation
 - Welder qualification documentation

Health and safety



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