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Damage and its Evolution in Fiber - Composite Materials: Simulation and Non-Destructive Evaluation

Editors: Gerd Busse, Bernd-H. Kroplin, Falk K. Wittel

e_12 ISBN: 3930683903
October 2006
Language: English
Universitat Stuttgart
548 Pages incl. 94 color illustrations

Цена: договорная


Detection and simulation of damage in safety-relevant materials and structures are interdependent fields of broad scientific and industrial importance. Especially composite materials are increasingly being used in all kinds of technological applications in a broad range of materials combinations. Due to microstructural heterogeneities of composites, complex failure evolutions need to be characterized, monitored, and evaluated for the prediction of strength and lifetime.

This book provides an overview both of standard and novel methods for Non-Destructive damage detection, their applicability to many fiber composites, from aerospace to automotive and construction materials, and finally appropriate damage simulation techniques. The reader finds a collection of 24 review articles from 45 authors who worked together in a Collaborative Research Center (SFB381) on these topics. The first part deals with Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Methods, their basic principles and applicability for damage detection, monitoring and identification of generic failure mechanisms. After addressing the simulation of NDE signals for their quantitative interpretation, the second part deals with the simulation of various damage situations occurring in fiber composite materials up to structural failure.<

Доп. информация: http://www.ndt.net/news/2006/20061201sfb381.htm



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