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Vlasov V.T., Dubov A.A. Physical bases of the metal magnetic memory method


M. Published in «Tisso-Polygraph» Printing House, 2004. 424 p.: fig, Hc, 60 х 84 1/16. 680 gr

ISBN 5-8122-0265-6

Цена: 700 руб (доставка почтой не включена в цену)



The history and logic of magnetism science development is considered. Based on design and experimental researches, development of the domain structure theory is given on the example of pure polycrystalline iron from positions of modern knowledge in quantum physics, dislocations theory and fracture mechanics.
Determining role of dislocations in domains formation and correlation of structural materials’ stress-strained state characteristics with dislocation density is demonstrated.
A unique effect – magnetoplastics, being the basis of the metal magnetic memory method (MMM) is presented and scientifically substantiated for the first time.
The diagram of magneto-mechanical states of a ferromagnetic at force and magnetic fields interaction is developed. Definition of weak and strong magnetic fields from positions of their energy interactions with force fields is first given.
Boundary conditions and MMM application scope are established.
Metal fatigue damaging physics if considered and the model of the fatigue damaging accumulation process is suggested, revealing the possibility of quantitative assessment of the material’s state at MMM and other methods application.
Intended for non-destructive testing and engineering diagnostics specialists, research engineers, students of higher educational establishments, technical and engineering employees of machine-building enterprises and occupied in various branches of industry, dealing with the problem of reliability assuring at operation of equipment and structures.



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