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Nondestructive testing: Handbook: In 8 volumes / Еdited by V.V. Klyuev / Volume 3


I.N. Ermolov, Yu.V. Lange. Ultrasonic testing.

ISBN 978-5-904270-02-5 (vol. 3)
ISBN 978-5-904270-01-8

М.: Publishing house Spektr, 2009. - 784 p.: fig, Hc, 70x100 1/16, 1200 gr

Цена: 3800 руб (доставка почтой не включена в цену)


Ultrasonic testing is one of the most effective and versatile types of nondestructive testing and diagnostics of crucial articles of various metal and nonmetal materials, including evaluation of their physical and mechanical properties like elastic constants, strength, hardness, etc. Methods of ultrasonic testing are much diversified. They are applied for resolving the wide range of problems in many branches of industry, as well as in scientific researches.
Handbook deals with physical principles of high- and low-frequency acoustic methods, their classification, application fields, operational capabilities and features. It contains data on methods and hardware for testing of typical articles. Recommendations on selection of a method to resolve specific tasks are given. There are described not only widely known methods, but those ones that are little known in Russia, while being applied for a long time in the West. Main attention is paid to the description of physical phenomena. Requirements to technical knowledge of the nondestructive testing personnel are given: Recommendations ICNDT WN 16-85, 01 amendment, and European Standards on ultrasonic testing.
Handbook represents by itself the most complete manual reflecting not only the modern state of ultrasonic testing, but the newest trends of its development as well. It is intended for broad circle of readers: engineering, technical and scientific employees, teachers, students, post-graduate students of higher technical institutions, employees of the plant testing services, as well as for specialists preparing for passing exams for II and III levels of ultrasonic testing qualification.



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