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Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics: Handbook

Editors Prof. V.V. Klyuev and Dr. G. Zusman.

032 Revised and supplemented edition, translated from Russian - Moscow - Houston: RSNTTD and Metrix Instrument Co., 2004. 656 p.: fig. Hc, 60 x 90 1/8, 1860 gr

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This handbook examines the main methods of nondestructive testing and diagnostics: radiographic, magnetic, eddy-current, electric, optical, vibration, acoustic methods, complex quality assurance systems for products manufacturing, industrial computerized X-ray tomography, machine vision systems, and special methods of ecological diagnostics. Recommendations are given for the selection and use of methods and means for nondestructive testing and diagnostics (NDT&D). Technical data on domestic and foreign instruments, their operation, mobile facilities for monitoring environmental pollution.
For firms and specialists cooperating with foreign partners, a special chapter "National and International Norms of Certification of Nondestructive Testing Specialists is provided. Also shown is the Certification System used in the USA.
This book may be useful for processing engineers, personnel of monitoring, operation and repair services of industrial enterprises, as well as for the staff servicing medical and customs equipment. It may also come in handy for professors and students of technical educational institutions.



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