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Nondestructive testing: Handbook: In 8 volumes / Еdited by V.V. Klyuev / Volume 5: In 2 books.


Book 1: V.P. Vavilov. Thermal/Infrared Testing.
Book 2: K.V. Podmasteryev, F.R. Sosnin, S.F. Korndorf, T.I. Nogachyova, E.V. Pakholkin, L.A. Bondareva, V.F. Muzhitskiy. Electrical Testing

ISBN 978-5-904270-03-2 (vol. 5)
ISBN 978-5-904270-01-8

М.: Publishing house Spektr, 2009. - 732 p.: fig. and colour insert 16 p. Hc, 70x100 1/16, 1100 gr

Цена: 3800 руб (доставка почтой не включена в цену)


The first book considers the physical models of the thermal non-destructive testing (TNDT), heat transfer in defective and sound structures, thermal properties of materials, optimization of TNDT procedures, thermal defect characterization, data processing in TNDT, active and passive TNDT systems, elements of a statistical data treatment and decision making, TNDT application area, certification of experts in TNDT, normative documents, TNDT training programs and recommended examination questions.
The second book considers the principles of the electric non-destructive testing, properties of electrical materials, techniques and means for the measurement of electrical quantities as well as types of contacts, primarily the contacts between moving elements under test; various electroparametric testing methods (electrical resistivity methods, electrocapacitance methods, electric potential methods, electrostatic powder methods, etc) and various generator methods (thermoelectric methods, triboelectric methods, electrofluctuation methods, etc) of electrical NDT. Each testing method deals with its purpose, technical principle, gist, variety and peculiarities of technical realisation with the use of specific NDT means.
This volume is intended for the industrial specialists who are involved in technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing, as well as for those who use the diagnostic equipment in medicine, aerial surveys, antiterroristic activity and other application areas. Also it may be useful for academic researchers, undergraduate and PhD university students.

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